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Lone Spaceman Tackles the Issues that Matter with Curby of Obscene Extreme

Japanese translations provided by members of Anatomia

About a year and a half ago, I was “writing” for the Japan Times but hadn’t yet published a single article. I had been hired to write about the underground metal scene, but my editor hadn’t been too enthused about any of my pitches until I heard rumblings of the Obscene Extreme Festival coming to town. I convinced him that an underground vegan-friendly festival all about some of the wildest and most extreme music the world had to offer definitely counted as “news”, and he told me to get a hold of the man in charge. A friend quickly hooked me up with Curby Extreme, and before long I had my first piece published in a national newspaper. I remember the 2014 OEF Tokyo as being just as wild as I had been promised; all that was missing was the mythical Grind Banana (check out the OEF page for details of this rare and mysterious fruit).




I owe a lot to OEF and Curby in particular, so when I was asked to interview him a second time I jumped at the chance. First and foremost I was anxious to hear how the last eighteen months had gone for him. In addition to having another child on the way (expected around November 20th - 27th, giving me hope for a Lion King-esque scene in which Curby holds his new progeny aloft at OEF Tokyo as the gathered extreme music underground bends on one knee), OEF has been traveling the globe and dispensing obscene music for eager fans. But did anything particularly exciting happen? 



Curby: “Yeah, lots of up and downs, as it goes in everyone`s life. The first OEF ASIA in Tokyo was simply an awesome experience and I still live on that memory! During those last 18 months I did OEF Australia in Melbourne (lots of new sick aussie bands!) and this year we already had our mother festival in the town of Trutnov in The Czech Republic, which was probably the best OEF in history! It was simply a great weekend and we had also two Japanese legends playing there - S.O.B. and UNHOLY GRAVE! Both the bands were awesome live and I'm very proud we could bring them to Europe! Just to name a few other bands that played great shows there, we had TERRORIZER LA, BULLDOZER, OBITUARY, HIRAX, PIG DESTROYER, VITAL REMAINS, SCHIRENC PLAYS PUNGENT STENCH, BLOOD, and of course a lot of newcomers which is quite typical and a big contribution of our festival.

過ごせたと思うし、日本からも伝説のバンド、S.O.BとUNHOLY GRAVE、すごい

そして今年8月にはカナダで初めてのOEFをモントリオールでやったんだ。出演バンドはIMMOLATION, TRAP THEM(これ良かったね、やばかった!)、 MAGRUDERGRIND、AGATHOCLES、BROKEN HOPE、MALIGNANCY、PUTRID PILE、GRUESOME(デスメタル好きだったら聴いてみて!)DROPDEAD(相変わらず


I was pleased to see that his guileless, genuine excitement was just as contagious as ever, but unfortunately for fans of extreme music, not everything had come up roses in the previous year. For a festival funded entirely by ticket sales rather than any kind of sponsorship, running around the world putting on killer shows sure as hell isn’t easy. 



Curby: “...It's getting harder and harder to do an underground festival. It seems like people only want big commercial festivals with really expensive tickets. It pisses me off and I am slowly losing my motivation. 

I don't understand it...if we want to stay independent we need support, but we don't want to sell OEF to big companies and do advertising for huge multinational corporations. So it all depends on our loyal fans. I still love extreme music. I really like to search for new bands and show them to the die-hard fans at OEF, it makes me really happy!
...I worked really hard on [Obscene Extreme America] for at least for 10 months, but the result was terrible. So I'll quit doing the OEF WORLD tour...still not sure about the Japanese OEF next year. I love Japan and Japanese bands, but it's very hard to do a festival outside of my country. I can confirm that we'll do OBSCENE EXTREME 2016 in Trutnov, Czech Republic, between July 13-17th so try to come over guys!” 




It appears that for fans of extreme music living in Japan (which naturally includes pretty much everyone involved with Kaala), there’s still a living hope that OEF will return to Tokyo. But even so, anyone with either the means or the desire should -- nay, must -- get out to Kurawood on the 20th, Club SEATA on the 21st and 22nd, and then Kurawood again on the 23rd. I asked him which bands I absolutely must not miss, as well as his impression of the Japanese underground scene and Tokyo in particular:

日本のファンは既に次回の開催を切に願っているが、まずは今月20日は会場Kurawood、21日、22日はClub SEATAにて、そして23日は再びKurawoodにて、特に今回は目白押しのバンドが

“Of course, to see S.O.B. in their homeland must be something very special. That's a pure grindcore madness! When they played in the Czech Rep. this year, they were one of the best bands...though they don't speak English and they couldn’t communicate with the crowd, their show was simply devastating!

As a death metal freak you must see the DEATH STRIKE show! That will be something special and hard to see! And of course you need to join us at SEATA in Kichichoji as well, because we are bringing over the death metal legend Paul Speckmann and MASTER! Paul Speckmann and his horde will play two special sets for you guys!

It's the same with some other bands we are bringing over like ROMPEPROP and MALIGNANT TUMOUR for example. And of course I am more than happy that we booked Japanese bands that are
world-wide famous and really unique, like MELT BANANA and MERZBOW! I have always loved Japanese bands as well as the scene because it's original and special. The musicians there want to bring something different and are not just blindly following their idols, and I love that! And I'm surely not alone!


デスメタル・フリークならDEATH STRIKEは観ないとね!超絶レアだよ。吉祥寺のCLUB SEATAでも伝説のポール・スペックマン率いるMASTERがあるし。二日間それぞれのセットリストを特別に
用意してくれているそうなんだ。海外勢のROMPEPROPやMALIGNANT TUMOURも同じような勢いだね。日本のバンドも独創的で世界的知名度のあるMELT BANANAやMERZBOWがブッキングできたこと、とても嬉しく思ってるよ!



[Regarding Tokyo]...ha ha, what a question...unique is the word that perfectly describes Japan! Everything is unique! I'm really serious about this answer! Man, Tokyo is insanely huge for me. I live in a small place that has less than 400 people all together, so you can imagine how I feel in Tokyo but it's great for a few days! I have been in Tokyo two times but it is not can always discover something new and fresh! But I wish I could do a real open-air festival like in the Czech Republic. It’s incredibly difficult to do it in Japan, but nothing is impossible. 5 years ago I didn't believe that I would be able to do Obscene Extreme in Japan, and look what happened. So if you're a wizard I need some place in Tokyo that will be cheap enough and open for our freak-friendly festival!” 






Well, you heard the man. If you’re a fan of extreme music and haven’t yet been able to attend any of the Obscene Extreme events, you can either scrounge up the airfare to the Czech Republic or come out this November to Asakusa Kurawood and SEATA in Kichijoji! 


November 20-23, 2015
Kichijoji Club SEATA + Asakusa Kurawood
Tokyo - Japan





FRIDAY 20.11. 2015 - Asakusa Kurawood

17:00 - 17:25 : (25 min) ANAL VOLCANO 
17:40 - 18:15 : (35 min) RECTAL SMEGMA (Netherlands)
18:30 - 19:05 : (35 min) 2 MINUTA DREKA (Italy)
19:20 - 20:05 : (45 min) ROMPEPROP (Netherlands)
20:20 - 20:40 : (20 min) MERZBOW + special guest SELF DECONSTRUCTION
21:00 - 22:00 : (60min)  SxOxBx 

SATURDAY 21.11. 2015 - Kichijoji Club SEATA

13:00 - 13:25 (25 min) LITTLE BASTARDS 
13:40 - 14:05 (25 min) BARBATOS 
14:20 - 14:50 (30 min) ACUTE 
15:05 - 15:35 (30 min) DARK HORSE (Australia)
15:50 - 16:20 (30 min) CARCASS GRINDER 
16:35 - 17:05 (30 min) RECTAL SMEGMA (Netherlands)
17:20 - 17:55 (35 min) PALM 
18:10 - 18:55 (45 min) ROMPEPROP (Netherlands)
19:10 - 19:55 (45min)  UNHOLY GRAVE 
20:10 - 21:00 (50 min) MASTER (Usa)

SUNDAY 22.11. 2015 - Kichijoji Club SEATA

13:00 - 13:25 (25 min) CORBATA 
13:40 - 14:05 (25 min) NOT A NAME SOLDIERS 
14:20 - 14:50 (30 min) SU19B 
15:05 - 15:35 (30 min) FUCK ON THE BEACH 
15:50 - 16:20 (30 min) GONGURI (South Korea)
16:35 - 16:42 (7 min) SEDEM MINUT STRACHU (Slovakia)
16.55 - 17.10 (15 min) DECHE-CHARGE (Canada)
17:25 - 18:00 (35 min) ANATOMIA 
18:15 - 18:55 (40 min) MELT BANANA 
19:10 - 19:55 (45 min) MALIGNANT TUMOUR (Czech republic)
20:10 - 21:00 (50 min) MASTER (Usa)

MONDAY 23.11. 2015 - Asakusa Kurawood

15:00 - 15:30 (30 min) TAINTED DICKMAN 
15:45 - 16:15 (30 min) MECOSARIO 
16:30 - 17:00 (30 min) DORAID 
17:15 - 17:50 (35 min) 2 MINUTA DREKA (Italy)
18:05 - 18:45 (40 min) CSSO 
19:00 - 19:40 (40 min) ROSEROSE 
19:55 - 20:40 (45 min) MALIGNANT TUMOUR (Czech republic)

20:55 - 21:40 (45 min) DEATHSTRIKE (Usa)

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