Thursday, November 12, 2015

Anal Volcano Interviews Rompeprop for OEF Asia 2015

Anal Volcano & Go-zen's guitarist Daigo caught up with Rompeprop to ask them about their upcoming show at OEF Asia 2015. Check out the interview after the jump.
*Many thanks to Anatomia for translating!*

Daigo: Watching your live shows on youtube, there are always a lot of really out-there people doing their own crazy thing while you play. In your band’s history, what’s the wildest thing you’ve seen?

Bonebag Rob: We saw a guy getting his dick out and started to masturbate. Something you don’t want to see, hahahaha

ロッブRompeprop: チンコを出してマスターベーションしたヤツがいたよ。ていうか見たくないよな~(笑)

D: What kind of music do you listen to at home?

B.R.: All kinds off music. From Thrash to Grindcore, from Country to Reggae.



D: Could you suggest any non-metal bands? It’d be cool to hear some of the stuff you’re listening to that’s not on the metal map.

B.R.: The Goddam Gallows for sure! Great live band too.  Our drummer listens to Beef, from Eindhoven, a lot.


ロッブThe Goddamn Gallowsだね!彼らのライブはマジでかっこいいよ。因みにウチのドラマーはオランダ・アイントホーフェンのBeefっていうバンドをよく聴いてる。

D: Maybe a question you’re not so keen on answering, but are you guys regularly taking any drugs? If so, what - would like to hear about it.

B.R.: Just beer and shots man! 



D: Any bad habits, fetishes? If so, let’s hear the inside story!

B.R.: Yes, beer drinking is the best fetish ever!!!



D: How did you start playing goregrind? What was your musical progression from a young age to what you are now?

B.R.:Just find some guys who listens to low-tuned, pitched vocals and funny gory lyrics and start playing!! Every day you learn more and more. Just don’t set your mind to just one style of music. Keep your ears open to other stuff. That’s what’s happening to us throughout the years and that’s why we sound like Rompeprop.  


ロッブ:簡単だよ。ピッチを下げたボーカル、ゴアをテーマにした歌詞... そんなゴアグラインドが好きな奴らを集めてプレイしただけ。同じジャンルだけじゃなく、毎日いろんな音楽を聴いてきたよ。今のRompepropのサウンドは、それを何年も続けてきた結果なんだと思うよ。

D: What are you guys doing outside of the band? Hobbies, everyday grind (pun intended?) etc.

B.R.: We all have our day jobs and besides that Jores is doing some painting, Dennis is creating furniture and I (Rob) have another band called Burn the Iris and do some fishing.


ロッブ:普段は仕事をしてるよ。ヨーレスはペンキ屋、デニスは家具屋。オレは別バンド「Burn the Iris」もやってる。あとオレの趣味は釣りだね。

Q: You use some sound clips in your music - is there any theme or focus behind that, and how do you go about choosing them?

B.R.: The most sound clips are from funny movies. We just try to find something that’ll fit the songs and lyrics. It takes hours and hours to find the sound clips. 



Q: What are you looking forward to about Obscene Extreme Asia 2015, and about your trip over to Japan in general? Any plans during your stay?

B.R.: It’s a totally new experience for us to fly over to Japan! We’re looking forward to see CSSO and Merzbow for sure. We’ll stay over for a week so we are just going to walk around a lot and try to find some cool bars over there. 

質問 日本のオブシーンでは何が楽しみ?どこか旅行に行く予定とかある?


Q: Would you rather: a.)  Sweat mayonnaise from your pores, or b.)  have your fingers constantly covered in Cheeto's dust. Please consider, and explain your choice.

B.R.: Good question, probably Cheeto dust. Your dick gets yellow after jerking off and you have the pleasure to taste it again in the morning. 

a 全毛穴から甘いマヨネーズ
b チートスの粉で手が常にベタベタ

ロッブ う~ん、いい質問だな。チートスのほうかな。それでマスをかいたらチンコが黄色くなって、翌朝またその味を楽しむことができるからだよ!

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