Tuesday, September 23, 2014

In Darkness We Are Doomed Vol. 3

Our good friend Makoto (who runs the record label Weird Truth Productions, and who also has mixed and mastered both Darkcorpse and Retch releases) put on the 3rd volume of In Darkness We Are Doomed over at Earthdom on Saturday night. In addition to Makoto's own Funeral Moth, who are an absolute must-listen for any Corrupted or Mournful Congregation fans, the line-up also featured labelmates Deadly Spawn and Basilisk in addition to the legendary Necrophile. So, a whole lot of death and one massive slab of really heavy doom.

Earthdom's one of many great clubs in the greater Tokyo area that support the hell out of the underground, musically, socially, and economically. This show not so much, but Earthdom frequently hosts a large number of bands from around Japan, not to mention a slew of international bands, in an excellent environment and, generally, for cheaper than many other clubs in the area. Not to say those other clubs are bad, but the kind of risk associated with booking shows can be pretty inhibitive. Clubs like these seem to be getting a bit more attention lately (due to promo? the bands booking shows? Earthdom's rep as a "cool" spot? Can't say for sure), and its a good thing too because while Japan's OGs are still ripping shit up, there's a new wave slowly making their way who need the support to keep going.

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